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We have developed exciting and fun games with our partners. Here are some of them.

A unique and unforgettable experience in the Tirolean Mountains. Combining product testing with everything you need to know about e-bikes in front of an impressive backdrop – this and much more awaits you at the end of June 2018 at the first E-BIKE FEST in the heart of the Alps in the world-famous St. Anton am Arlberg.


Founded in 1904, Schalke 04 has won seven German championships, five DFB-Pokals, one DFL-Supercup and one UEFA Cup.

Schalke 04 was ranked as the seventh-best football team in Europe by UEFA's 2015 UEFA club rankings.

Telekom Baskets Bonn is a German professional basketball club, based in Bonn. The club plays in the Basketball Bundesliga. The club's sponsor is the German company, Deutsche Telekom.

The Baskets reached the German League Final Four nine times in 17 years of league affiliation, and belong to Germany's most successful teams.

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Season's Greetings!

leAD - legacy of Adi Dassler -
is a sports entrepreneurship platform focused on funding and nurturing early-stage sports startups.

forwARdgame is very proud to be an alumni startup of the inaugural class of 2017.

Hey, we are forwARdgame.


Being a Berlin resident, forwARdgame
knows how important it is to support
and be supported by the people around.
That's why we give back and pay it forward.

REFO Moabit

A wonderful community, where people come together in many ways.

An educational game we created for them, brings the young generation to learn more about the community and be inspired
by people and ideas.


Highly immersive AR features

01 / THERE

Real-World strategy game, first of its kind.
Go outside and turn your neighborhood into a sci-fi battlefield! 

◆ Capture enemy's flags and return them to your base,
◆ Protect your teammates and attack your opponents.
◆ Set up traps, discover landmines and collect power-ups as you and your friends move around in the real world! 

Finally a Real-World Real-Time multiplayer capture-the-flag game!


02 / 7HUNT

A highly intensive running game. You are operating an alien cyborg in a hostile environment. You only have 7 minutes to collect as many Dark Matter Crystals as possible. Every time your daily norm increases. The entire race needs your help. Every effort matters.


Come to the e-Bike festival at st.Anton am Arlberg and join the Quest for Treasure and defeat the Mysterious forest Monster.

◆ Play IN REAL WORLD with Augmented Reality
◆ Become a powerful Wizard and save the Forest 
◆ Collect Treasure and beat the Monster

Ride the breathtaking trails and complete the challenging Quest.
The quest is made of 5 main locations, some of them will give you hints about the Quest and some will open the door into the magical world, where you will collect Treasure and Enchanted items to make you a stronger Wizard before you clash with the Fierce Forest Monster. 


"Turn your neighborhood into a sci-fi battlefield!"

"Play awesome games and never be bored!"

"Playing in the REAL WORLD with the fun of the VIRTUAL WORLD."


quests for fans

to explore."

leAD - legacy of Adi Dassler -
is a sports entrepreneurship platform focused on funding and nurturing early-stage sports startups.

forwARdgame is very proud to be an alumni startup of the inaugural class of 2017.


In 2017, we graduated from leAD Sports Accelerator and has since focused on innovation in mobile games and team sport fan engagement, making what we see as 3 key elements: fun, active and outdoor.


In 2018 we launched the first of some exciting applications we are developing together with Germany's top sport clubs.

In 2019, our first in-house game SCOAAR was launched, using the newest Shared AR technology, as well as many pioneering innovations we mastered.


The “connected generation” is less and less involved in physical activity.
Young people rarely play outdoors.
A vast amount of their time is spent on non-active games.


We want to harness the technology to bring back the "playing" as it was meant to be - active, outdoors and together - and we do it by building Active Mobile Games.

Kids want to play. It is our duty to make the games that will benefit them while they enjoy playing.


We develop our mobile games to be social, complex, evolving and diverse, played outdoors through physical activity.

Fun, engaging and addictive like the most popular mobile games, but also healthy and charged with the feeling of “playing for real”.

We use the most popular game styles and integrate location based functions and advance Augmented Reality,

combining the fun of actively playing in the Real World, with the fun the Virtual Worlds can offer.

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