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Robots' duel out of this world


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STACKAAR is an Augmented Reality game with a unique gameplay. STACKAAR is incredibly dynamic and fast. It is a true example of Active AR.

There are multiple modes and abilities in the game. In this first instalment you get to know your Robik and learn about his abilities.

Digital Assets in the game are available for purchase on Sui Blockchain.


Head to Keepsake and grab your first Robik today!

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Stackaar does not require any user data that can link to their identity.
STACKAAR uses camera for AR features and Location to determine the closest server to the user.

STACKAAR requires anonymous data that allows us to monitor the app usage and game flow usage such as points scored and cubes stacked. As well we use the crash data to analyse the app performance in order to make it better in the future. 
STACKAAR uses Google Analytics to receive the data. STACKAAR does not store any data about the user. STACKAAR does not share any data about the user to any 3rd party.

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